Cyber criminals love non-secure websites. For just $149* we will make your website secure and help improve your Google ranking.

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What is SSL and why is it important?

In 2014, Google stated that it would like to see all websites use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) instead of HTTP (the non-secure version). To make a website secure (https://...) it must have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate installed, which guarantees that it will operate with the following protective measures:

  • Encryption which ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen
  • Data integrity which prevents files from being corrupted as they’re transferred
  • And Authentication which protects against attacks and builds user trust

The address bar (URL) of a secure website will look like this (in Google's Chrome browser):

Secure URL

Why is this important?

  1. Today's hackers are very sophisticated and can easily steal information - such as your clients' data and their credit card information - from a non-secure website.
  2. Hackers can also modify a non-secure website so that they can use it as a platform for anonymously attacking other websites.
  3. A recent survey showed that 84% of users would abandon a purchase if they knew that data was being sent over a non-secure connection.
  4. Browsers now identify pages of a website as either secure or non-secure, like this example in Google Chrome:
  5. Non-secure URL
  6. HTTPS websites load much faster than HTTP sites, which help their Google rankings.
  7. Although less than 1% of all websites are secure, 40% of Google’s page one organic search results feature an HTTPS site.
  8. Google never reveals its ranking algorithms, but research from analyzing 1 million search results found "that HTTPS correlated with higher rankings on Google's first page" (according to
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The information you provide in the form above will not be shared with anyone and will not be stored online.

As long as your website is managed via cPanel and you are able to provide us with the Username and Password for accessing your cPanel, we will be able to secure your site with an SSL Certificate. If you don't know the cPanel access credentials, you should be able to get them from the person who built your website or from the hosting company. The price is just $149 inclusive (one-year term). For a two-year term the price is $229, and for three years $309.

We will send you an email within one (1) business day after you place your order to let you know whether we were able to successfully install your SSL Certificate using the information you provided. If not, please respond to our email with corrected information.

At least four weeks before your SSL Certificate is due to expire, we will send you weekly reminders to renew the Certificate. The renewal price is $99 for a one-year term, $179 for a two-year term and $259 for three years. Please complete the renewal before the expiration date, in order to maintain your website security.